Friday, 29 April 2016

Heroine Chic

No, I'm not a drug addict, it's not Heroin chic, it's HEROINE CHIC. If your a fan of webtoons you might recognize the name.

Heroine Chic is a title that, for me fits my style. The webtoon stood out to me when I was thinking about a title for my Blog. I want to be the hero of my own life and the title also depicts my love of being a woman. I am a female and I am very proud to be one. Anyway, expect some posts on makeup because I'am obsessed. Some poetry because it's my escape from reality, some calligraphy, rants about life, and lastly KPOP!!! because KPOP!!.

BTW I'm from the Philippines and I'm just starting on makeup but i have been obsses with Kpop ever since "Haru Haru"*wink* *wink*

That's all.... byexx

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Reading Nook: Manga edition

As much as how my semester break is going, It's good. If good being me spending half of my time in front of my computer and watching anime series and Korean series, then yes it's going all good. Whats a social life anyway eh? But I'm not the only one who's guilty right?

Manga or anime in general is one of my favorite things ever since I was little, from Card Captor Sakura to Doreamon, did I mention Mirmo De Pon and Inuyasha? call me old but I still like those things. So me liking Attack on Titan and Ao Haru Ride isn't a surprise for me. But I do admit that the realm of anime is very... confusing and intimidating. Turn the first pages of a manga and you'll be confused on which to read first, or if someone is a boy or... wait is it a girl? are they cousins? why the hell is their so much skinship? What is this!!! 

Well, fear not, this are my recommended mangas or anime as of the moment 

1. Ao Haru Ride 

have you ever had a puppy love with someone? or do you remember your puppy love? DO you even know what's puppy love? 

Ao Haru is a shouju (warning a lot of the proceeding will be from this genre) romantic comedy manga that focuses on Futaba and Kou's puppy love gone wrong. I liked this manga for its very common-but-not-really story plot. It gives a twist to the common story plot of most romantic stories out there. 

2. Strobe edge

Kinda falls on the same category of Ao Haru but this is different in it of it's own. Unrequited love is what this manga is all about. I had an unrequited love and this just got me in so many levels. 

The story tells of Kinoshita's crush on Ren, who has a girlfriend... ouch. That I think is enough to explain this manga.

3. Faster than a kiss

Ever had a crush on a teacher or a professor? What if you secretly married him? 

I actaully read this manga on a whim, I was searching for something to read and I found this gem, It tells of a story of an orphaned girl named Fumiko and her brother being "adopted" by her sensei. This story made me laugh and cry at the same time, 

4. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on titan)

The first time I read this i thought greek gods fighting, but THATS NO FUN!! so lets put teenage kids agains gigantic cannabalistic human looking monster!

This manga is bloody and gruesome but it's awesome, also the mystery of the titan's origins are also a mystery that makes you so excited about what'll happen next.

5. Girls of Wilds (Manghwa)

This is a bit different, it's not s manga but a "manghwa" (don't know the spelling but that is pretty much how you pronounce it.) It's the Korean's version of manga, but comes in shorter chapters, but it's colored!

The story evolves around Song Jaegu a teenage boy who is trying to make ends meet with her 2 younger siblings, he accidentally(?) enrolled in a school where girls fight, yes fight. Like legit taekwando and boxing. 

Are you an avid manga reader too? What do you recommend? Also, please be forgiving, this is my first time doing this haha. 

If you wanna read these manga, my best suggestion is ENJOOYYYY